BC teachers adopt a bold plan of action to resist Bill 22

21/03/2012 13:52
  In response to the harsh and unjust measures contained in Bill 22, teachers from across the province have crafted a bold plan of action with the ultimate goal of having the so-called Education Improvement Act repealed. Almost 700 delegates at the BC Teachers’ Federation...

From a BC Teacher

05/03/2012 22:40
Letter to the editor: I am a person. I am a wife, mother, grandparent, neighbour and friend. My family owns and runs a successful construction company. My family owns a local working farm. No one questions taking my money at local businesses. No one questions when the cost to build a...

I have to say no

05/03/2012 22:39
  by Carrilee Drew Too many kids in a classroom. My marking’s 10 feet high. That boy who sits in the back, I can’t identify. Not sure who’s weak, Or who’s strong. “I need help, Mrs. Drew.” “Um, I’m sorry. Remind me. Who, again, are you?” With all of us crammed in here,...

Parent support

05/03/2012 22:38

From Jinny Sims

05/03/2012 22:30
Jinny Sims releases statement on BC teacher work action 2012 03 05 - Press Releases, Statements SURREY, BC – Local NDP MP Jinny Sims (Newton – North Delta) released the following statement on the BC Teacher work action today: As a former President of the BC Teacher’s Federation, I want to...